TRIA card Three in one

Three in one

Mobile app

All bank capabilities in your smartphone

TRIA - payment card 3 in 1

Order the card online and new opportunities will open up for you

  • Cashback up to 25% in the affiliate network

  • Accrual up to 10% per annum

  • The ability to buy on credit


Safe deposits

Open profitable deposit on flexible terms

Save up for desired goals with ANORBANK

Profitable deposits with the possibility of partial withdrawal and without losses, in case of early closing.

In 12 i will save up421 600 000 sum
Interest will be charged per month81 600 000 sum


Smart management of personal finances in your smartphone

Installment card ANOR

Real installment plan without interest and overpayments.

Get it:

  • Without artificial margins

  • Without interest or overpayments

  • Without collateral and surety

ANORBANK in your pocket - a mobile application with all bank services.

The easiest way to manage money directly from your smartphone. Anywhere in the world. Anytime.

ATMs and top-up points

Money transfers

Fast sending and receiving of funds through all popular international money transfer systems in your Internet bank

Exchange Rates

  • Purchase

    10 450,00
  • Sale

    10 500,00
  • Central Bank rate

    10 473,20
  • Purchase

  • Sale

  • Central Bank rate

    12 796,16
  • Purchase

  • Sale

  • Central Bank rate



What card limit can I get?

When you fill out the application, the bank will review your credit history based on the available documents. After that, a bank employee will contact you and tell you about the available limit and card capabilities."